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Measure SLAs
ARM instrumentation provides the most accurate way to measure end-user response time for SLAs. With ARM, you can:

Define and report on application-specific SLAs.

Decompose business SLAs into resource configurations and parameters that can be measured.

Support per-customer billing and SLAs.

Improve root-cause analysis
ARM instrumentation provides the ability to perform triage immediately to determine the location of a problem, and then deep dive so you can analyze the root cause. This significantly speeds mean-time-to-repair.

Monitor resource usage
With ARM instrumentation you can trace IT resource usage directly to business processes or individual users, which helps allocate resources effectively and improves capacity planning.

Application Response Measurement (ARM) provides the most precise way to measure transaction response time.

The main reason more organizations don't take advantage of ARM instrumentation is the cost and difficulty involved in adding the ARM instrumentation to all the components of a composite application.

OC Systems resolves this problem by using RootCause to add ARM calls to applications without changing the source code. The instrumentation technology in RootCause makes it possible to add, remove and modify ARM calls easily.

Using RootCause to add ARM instrumentation reduces the time it takes to get to the right set of calls, demonstrates that the ARMed system can stand up to a full load, and speeds buy-in among IT staff and management.

The net result is that the time, risk and cost involved in implementing an end-to-end ARM solution are significantly reduced.

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I love RootCause. Im a coder, but with RootCause I can write probes in standard C and get out all the data that I want. To me it is a phenomenal tool.

Claire Cates
Principal Developer
Advanced Performance Research