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RootCause is a powerful tool for getting inside your application to track down memory problems in C/C++ applications and object growth in Java. RootCause:

  • Tracks memory allocations,

  • Identifies objects that haven't been deallocated, and

  • Predicts which are the likely source of the leak.

Get inside the application
RootCause uses a patented software instrumentation technology to obtain memory usage information without making any changes to application files. You dont need access to source or compiled code. Commands are inserted at the machine-code level and executed while the application is in process.

Trace third-party code
You can collect memory usage data from all the components of your application, including third-party code, shared libraries, dynamic components, JVMs, compilers, application servers, and browsers. RootCause also crosses JNI boundaries.

Modify data collection easily
You can modify, enable or disable data collection dynamically, in real time, as your application runs. A load-shedding algorithm eliminates excessive data collection, allowing you to hone in on problem code faster.

Drill down to source-code level
The longer the application runs, the closer RootCause gets to pinpointing the exact lines of problem code. The result is source-level information about where a problem occurred. So you can provide developers or a vendor's technical support staff with enough detail that they can find and fix the application.

More information

What data can you obtain with RootCause?

Read about Aprobe, the software instrumentation technology upon which RootCause is built.

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I love RootCause. Im a coder, but with RootCause I can write probes in standard C and get out all the data that I want. To me it is a phenomenal tool.

Claire Cates
Principal Developer
Advanced Performance Research