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Node View

This is a Node View of the Universal Agent (UA). The UA node (OCSUA2_AGENT) always has two children nodes: Applications and Resources. "Applications" are the processes that are being monitored by the UA. "Resources" represent the instrumentation data that is being extracted from the applications.

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Looking at the children of the Applications node, we see that two processes are being monitored by the UA: roullette.exe and IEXPLORE.EXE. The specific resources being monitored within these applications appear as children of the Resources node: rullete, IO, Memory, Time and System.

Here only the Memory Resource node is fully expanded (all other resource nodes are collapsed to save screen space). The monitored memory resources are grouped into four categories: Pool, Page, Real, and Virtual. And each of these categories has multiple sub-categories. The UA is monitoring 11 distinct memory resources (count the rightmost children nodes). If all resource nodes were expanded, you would see that a total of 21 resources are being monitored by this custom Unicenter NSM agentand it only took about two hours to develop using the Universal Agent technology!

Note the level of granularity supported by the Universal Agent APIs. You're not going to believe how easy this is to do!

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The Universal Agent has been certified ca smart by Computer Associates

"The Universal Agent ... provides an extremely effective and fast way to instrument applications not natively managed by Unicenter."
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