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Learning Mode

This History View reports the historical range of all monitored resource values (minimum and maximum).

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The "Update All Thresholds" button at the bottom of the screen can be used to automatically establish threshold values for all monitored resources. The threshold will be established at a specified level (e.g. 10%) below/above the historical range for the value.

This is the learning mode of the Universal Agent. You can allow an application to run for a period of time while minimum and maximum resource values are collected. You can then click the "Update All Thresholds" button to establish threshold values based upon the historical resource values. The Universal Agent will now detect resource values that are abnormal for the application and automatically signal a Unicenter NSM alarm.

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The Universal Agent has been certified ca smart by Computer Associates

"The Universal Agent ... provides an extremely effective and fast way to instrument applications not natively managed by Unicenter."
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