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Bring any application into the Unicenter domain quickly and inexpensively using the ca smart-certified Universal Agent.

Our Universal Agent provides a framework for communication between a software application and Unicenter NSM. The entire NSM portion of the Unicenter agent is already written. There's no need to read, learn, or use the Unicenter Agent SDK.

  ... prototype in an hour, full integration in about a week...  

Key aspects of the application—internal or external—can be monitored, including:

  • Data related to method or function entry or exit
  • Business objects, parameter values, variables, queues, and other program objects
  • Timing of selected functions, methods, or transactions.

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Our consultants can develop a prototype of your Unicenter integration in a matter of hours; full integration is accomplished in about a week. If desired, we can work with Computer Associates to obtain ca smart certification for the integration.

The Universal Agent uses OC Systems patented Aprobe instrumentation technology to instrument the application at runtime, while it is in memory. No application files are changed. No access to source is required, and there is no need to rebuild or recompile the application.

This process is so simple that you can even perform instrumentations on the fly and use Unicenter to temporarily monitor application or system-specific items, later removing them as easily as they were inserted.

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The Universal Agent has been certified ca smart by Computer Associates

"The Universal Agent ... provides an extremely effective and fast way to instrument applications not natively managed by Unicenter."
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